Turning A Contact Lens Into A Wearable Health Monitor

iChek is a medical technology company focused on the development of an active contact lens for diabetes and health and wellness monitoring.

A Noninvasive Solution To Our Biggest Problems

It is estimated that over 30 million Americans have diabetes and this number continues to grow. iChek’s platform technology allows for a non invasive, real time glucose monitoring method with low warm up time by simply shining a light onto a contact lens.

The iChek solution provides a sensing fluorophore (chemical compound that can re-emit light) that irreversibly binds to an existing contact lens. The sensing lens allows for a non invasive way to monitor glucose and hydration levels in real time.
The light source will be a small attachment to an iOS or android device that can collect, store (in the cloud), analyze, send or present the objectively measured data to the user, care giver or physician.
iChek’s adaptive technology can provide visual correction like current lenses or be utilized with no optical correction.

The proposed solution will allow individuals to be able to monitor glucose and hydration levels with a robust mobile application platform.